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Individual Services

Infidelity Investigations

If you believe your spouse/partner is being unfaithful, let Platinum Investigation Services discreetly get the answers you need to have peace of mind.  We have access to the most advanced, covert surveillance techniques, cell phone and computer forensics, and GPS tracking devices.​

Missing Persons/Difficult to Locate Investigations​

Platinum Investigation Services has many years of experience.  With access to the most superior databases, we can locate even the most elusive individuals.  No matter the case (a missing witness, runaway teenager, or spouse/ex-spouse in hiding), we have the expertise and utilize the latest investigative techniques to find even those who think they cannot be found.

​Service of Process

Platinum Investigation Services offers complete service of process for most legal documents including, but not limited to: summons/complaints, small claims, restraining orders, judgements and defaults, subpoenas and garnishments/levies.


Pre-employment Background Investigations​

Background checks have become a necessary tool in today’s environment.  The need to verify the authenticity of an applicant’s background is more important than ever.  Platinum Investigation Services conducts pre-employment criminal checks and background investigations on caregivers, babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, etc.

Family Law Matters​

Platinum Investigation Services can assist in all child custody, divorce, domestic violence matters, etc.  We have the expertise to conduct covert surveillance to prove residency, locate hidden assets, or verify evidence of criminal activity.  We specialize in difficult service of process, including restraining orders, and can conduct background investigations and locate even those individuals who do not want to be found.

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